Poetry Friday: The Lion by Jack Prelutsky (with hand movements)

I'm sure that I've mentioned that we're memorizing a poem each week. The kids are enjoying it. Actually I wasn't going to do one this week, because we are still catching up with life after vacation, but the kids pulled out a poetry book today and asked me to memorize one with them.

Last week, I discovered that Welly has a much easier time with the memorization if she moves to the rhythm of the poem, so now we clap and march them out after reading through them a few times.

Her favorite memorized poem is the only one we set actions to, so we'll have to do that more often. I'm surprised at how much this poem brings her out of her shell. She hams it up more than anyone. 

Here it is...

The Lion by Jack Prelutsky

The lion has a golden mane (Shape arms around head like a mane.)
and under it, a clever brain. (Tap side of head with one finger.)
He lies around (um, lie around) and idly roars (Make a wimpy roaring sound.)
And lets the lioness do the chores. (Wave others off to do the work.)

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  1. I just bought "the tree that time built". I love all the fun simple poems. I remember memorizing a couple poems with my family when I was a kid, and I wanted that for my children too! Thanks for sharing the cute lion poem. I think I'll start memorizing that tonight with my kids!:) Poems can be so fun, short, simple, and so fun!