Palace Beautiful by Sarah DeFord Williams

Palace Beautiful
Palace Beautiful by Sarah DeFord Williams
Book Review by Emily

When Sadie's family moves to Salt Lake City, she discovers a secret room in the attic with a painted sign that says "Palace Beautiful". Inside, she and her new friend, Bella, find the diary of a girl who lived during the flu epidemic of 1918. When the journal ends suddenly, they find themselves caught up in the mystery. Did the girl die of the flu? Is she still alive? Did she lose the people she loved?

Meanwhile, Sadie's stepmom is pregnant, and since her mom died in childbearing, Sadie is afraid.

Palace Beautiful is...well, beautiful. It's a tale of mystery, history, friendship, death, family relationships, and growing up. The best part is this...the characters. Every character is so well-developed that you feel like you are their friend. I particularly got a kick out of Sadie's dramatic friend, Belladona Desolation, known as Bella. I also enjoyed Sadie's unusual color descriptions.

In full disclosure, Sarah Williams is a friend of mine. I actually did some critiquing for her on this story. That said, I know I didn't just love this book because I love Sarah. It. Is. Amazing. (Go Sarah!!!)

I recommend it for kids and up who know where babies come from (or who you're ready to have that talk with), because Sadie makes mention about how embarrassed she was when she found out where babies came from. There is also a little bit of romance. A very little bit, but Bella does kiss a neighbor boy.

People who enjoyed Shug by Jenny Han or A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban are sure to like Palace Beautiful.

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  1. This is a super cute book! I just finished it last week and am reading it to my six year old right now. :)