Homemaker in the Making and a Cook Book for Kids

My little (but growing bigger) Welly-girl loves to help me in the kitchen. Last time I went grocery shopping, I had both of the (big) kids choose a recipe for my dinner menu. They helped figure out what we needed at the store, checked the items off the list as we found them, and helped prepare the meals.

New Junior Cookbook (Better Homes & Gardens Cooking)Welly chose a yummy (if fattening) "Totally Awesome Tortellini Alfredo" that turned out to be a big hit. Bubs words were, "That cook book IS kid-friendly" when he tasted it. The dinner was quick to make, and the kids enjoyed helping. The illustrations and recipe titles are fun, too. The recipe is from the Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book. We've only used it a couple times, but so far, so good.

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