Family Time Under the Table

Once again, we made a fort under our kitchen table, complete with twinkle lights.

It's amazing how a cozy, little space can rejuvenate our spirits. It provided an inspiring place to snuggle and read, as well as a great location for our Family Home Evening.

What's Family Home Evening? Well, on Monday nights, we spend the evening together singing, discussing, and playing (and usually tr-eating).

We start with family business. Everyone shares something going on in their lives. Then we pray and sing a song together. Next, one of us grown-ups gives a lesson that we feel is pertanent to our family at the time. Following the lesson, we have an activity (usually some wild rumbus of a game made up by my crazy hubs....) And we finish with a treat.

The kids never let us miss.

But it's especially bonding when we huddle together in our fort.

(FHE is a Mormon thang...)


  1. love the twinkle lights! the perfect touch :-)

  2. There's nothing like a fort! And twinkle lights are the best.

    BTW - thanks for recent review of Comfort in LDS Homeschooling. (Also for the recommends in Historical Fiction).