Happy Memorial Day!

Today turned into a wonderful home school day. I didn't have a single thing planned, but it was a perfect example of life-led learning.

First thing this morning, I hung the American flag in the front yard. The kids, seeing that I was outside, quickly got dressed and joined me.

We recited the Pledge of Allegiance, placing our hands over our hearts. Saying the words with the kids, I realized that they might not understand some of it, so we sat there in the grass and had a big discussion about the words of the Pledge and the purpose of Memorial Day.

Then, we came inside and read Holes by Louis Sachar for hours. (A review is forthcoming...) When we finished, the kids (all on their own) decided to make their own books. Bub's is about animals, and Welly's is about princesses. Shocking.

Next, our home schooling neighbors came to play. They played for a little while, and then my kids went and had lunch and quiet reading time at their house.

Finally, we took a walk, delivering birthday invitations for Welly's upcoming Tea Party.

And that brings us to late afternoon. The kids are still playing, and I'm sure they will until I call them in to go BBQing at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Just a normal (but wonderful) day.

Hope yours was great, too.


  1. Totally great. We had a good day too. I am on bedrest, have been doing tons of family history... came across all my relatives who have served in wars all the way back to the Civil War, Calvin Crouse and up to my Grandpa who lost his arm. We searched through pictures, talked about OUR family in lieu of memorial day, and then learned a little about Jesus. The greatest soldier of all who won our greatest freedoms! Love your blog and YOU!

  2. My daughter also had a tea party this year for her birthday. All the girls had so much fun. I did, too!