When Life Gives You Lemons...

When life gives you lemons, use them. That's my new motto.

I consider myself a decent cook. I mean, I can follow a recipe as well as the next person. I'm not one of those creative cooks or anything, but I can certainly put together a simple meal for my family each night.

BUT, once in a while I just totally and completely can't follow a recipe for some reason.

Like a couple of weeks ago. Doesn't this lemon meringue pie look divine? I was so proud of it, until right before I was about to eat it and realized that I never put in any lemon!

This may or may not have been my first disastrous dessert making. I may or may not have also (on a different occasion) made peanut butter cookies without peanut butter.

Moral of the story: When life gives you lemons, use them. They're one of the main ingredients, after all. And really, if we didn't have any lemons, our lives would be quite bland, don't you think?

(PS. Feel free to let me know that I'm not the only person who blunders up their recipes. Thanks.)


  1. You are not alone!! I ALWAYS mess up recipes when I make them for your family. ALWAYS. I could make the exact recipe 100 times but the time I make if for you guys it's ruined. And ps - I miss your lemon meringue pie - it is AMAZING.

  2. So I once graced my freshly baked cookies with flour instead of powdered sugar....

  3. That is hilarious. I hate when that happens!! At least you got a good moral out for all of us. Sad you did all the work and didn't get the reward though. Love your blog!

  4. I once left out the flour in chocolate chip cookies. I was in Imagination mode and didn't realize they were runny until I pulled a sheet-sized burnt mess out of the oven.

    They were good in ice cream.

  5. Chortle!!! I love that!!! It's so real life!

    Tonight I made seven layer dip and was just putting the finishing touches on it when I realized the quacamole was still in the fridge.

  6. I've mucked up bread in a bread machine. One member of my family likes white bread for sandwiches. So the other family member kept telling me how much water to add (they make it all the time).

    For several breads, every single time I did it, I ended up with alien bread. It was smaller, and denser than normal, with a funny top that looked like antennas. It was a real mystery what I was doing wrong.

    Turns out I'd been told the incorrect amount of water!

  7. I love it! And this does totally happen to me. In fact, I'm amazed anything I make does turn out when I'm usually trying to help my older two kids to find something positive to do instead of just jumping on the furniture at the same time that I'm talking to the baby so she's not sad at the same time that I'm reading my cryptic recipe notes (when I'm feeling too cheap to just print the whole recipe out) at the same time that I'm talking on the phone to someone who I haven't been able to get ahold of and they call just at that moment!