What the Holy Spirit Feels Like (Part 2)

I've been surprised by how many people come to my blog by googling the question, What does the Holy Spirit Feel like? I wrote about the kids take on what it feels like to feel the spirit here, but because so many people seem to be asking, I want to give you my take, as well.

The Spirit can manifest himself to people in different ways. I, myself, have felt his influence many times, and it isn't always the same experience. Most often, I will be praying or attending a religious meeting and feel an overwhelming peace. How can peace be overwhelming? It's a joy that is strong enough to fill my insides to bursting and sometimes bring tears to my eyes. It usually begins in my chest and grows from there.

When I prayed about marrying My Robby, the answer came in the form of a scripture verse and an accompanying sureness that it was right. I can't imagine having made that life-altering decision without prayer and the Spirit.

There was one time when I was warned that my son was in danger. I was warned through an image that came to me at night before I went to sleep. I can hardly express how important this little event was. I could have lost him, but God gave me the ability to protect him that night by warning me through the Holy Ghost.

Sometimes the Spirit helps me know I should do something by helping me feel happy and excited about it. That was how I knew I should go to BYU. I had a perfectly good community college in walking distance, but the whisperings of the Holy Ghost let me know that wasn't the right path for me.

When something isn't right, I feel empty or confused, and I feel a desire to keep looking for a different answer.

One of the main roles of the Holy Spirit is to comfort. The hardest thing I ever went through was when I miscarried at 11 weeks before I had any children. Through the comfort of the Holy Ghost, I felt Heavenly Father's love for me. I knew He was there and cared about me. The trial was difficult, no doubt about it, but looking back, I never felt so loved as I did during that time. He helps me know that I'm not alone.

I feel the Holy Spirit in my life on a daily basis. Sometimes it's a thought. Sometimes I'm not sure where the thought originated, whether it was my own or from the Spirit. At times, I find later that I was able to be the Lord's hands in answering someone's prayer. And other times, someone comes to answer mine.

I have felt his witness that my Heavenly Father cares about me and that my Savior, Jesus Christ cares. I know They are real.

If you care to share how the Spirit manifests himself to you, feel free.

Have a beautiful day.


  1. Beautifully written. I have been reading Gerald Lund's book, "Hearing the Voice of the Lord". It has helped me to be better at recognizing the ways the Spirit communicates. Excellent book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

  2. Well said!

    My only addition?

    It's worth every effort to invite the spirit daily into my life. I sometimes forget that. It's always a bummer.

  3. Hey Emily! I saw your blog from Terry and Marissa's and just had to take a peek. You are quite the blog ninja! And I can't believe all the books you have read. Where the heck to you find the time?? I have felt for some time that I will most likely homeschool my kids...lil bean sprout #3 is on the way after a miscarriage at 8 weeks last time around. I am totally inspired and think I can do it when I read about amazing people like you. I checked out that top 50 list too and that is pretty incredible. I do school most days with Andelyn, she is 3 now, and she loves every minute of it. I love your post about the spirit and your kids interaction is just too cute. Good luck finishing the final draft of your novel, I'll definitely have to read that one! :)