Local Event to Honor Mothers

So, I never ever tell you about local things (knowing that most of you aren't local at all), but this event to Honor Mothers is going to be fabulous. I'm bringing my M-in-law for her Mother's day gift. I hope to see you there, too!

Since the words are kind of small, here are the details:

Honoring Motherhood Event

White Willow Reception Center at 342 N 500 W Provo, UT

Speakers include:
Karmel Larson-Mrs. Utah 2009, AMI of Utah Valley Chapter President
Shauna Dunn-Utah Young Mother of the Year 2010
Shirley Tong-Utah Mother of the Year 2010
A Child's Tribute to his Mother
There will be also be time for YOU to pay a short tribute to a mother if you'd like.

12.50 per ticket includes a catered breakfast and carnation.
To reserve seats for you and your honored guests, please call Karmel at 801-427-9293.