A Reading Picnic

Welcome Spring! Yay! Today we went for a long walk, and then settled in on the front (extremely brown) lawn for our first Reading Picnic of the year. We spread the blanket, brought out the library basket and the snacks, and snuggled in for some Read-Aloud.

On Saturday, I went to a homeschooling seminar. One of the things I heard over and over is that nothing is more important than reading aloud to children. I completely agree. If you still haven't read Jim Trelease's The Read-Aloud Handbook, please go get it. It should be mandatory reading for parents and caregivers...except not...because for some reason, things that are mandatory aren't very enjoyable. But it is SO great.

I hope Spring is planning to stick around for a while. Maybe our Reading Picnics will be a daily ritual...


  1. I just have to add that I'm a firm believer in letting your kids see you read for your own enjoyment. It may feel like wasted time, but I promise it's not. When your kids see that you love to read, they'll want to read, too.

  2. What a treat to see the "babies" today. Oh so that's where you were when I called today. I'm so glad that's what you were doing. Looks beautiful there today.

  3. I'm passionate about reading to my kids. My very favorite? When they're old enough to enjoy longer chapter books. Introducing and experiencing my favorite reads with my children has been one of my greatest joys. I continue to read to them until they fly the coop (3 have and 3 are still home). There's nothing like it!

    (I adore your blog!)

  4. Oh, that's so cute! I have so many fond memories of my mom reading to me when I was younger! :)