Craft Tutorial: Ribbon and Pearl Necklace

I saw a necklace similar to this ribbon and pearl one at American Eagle. The only difference is that their necklace was much chunkier, and thus, more casual.

This is going to be tricky to explain, so bear with me, okay?

You'll need some black thread, nearly 3 yards of black satin ribbon, and a bag of faux pearls. (We tried a sheer ribbon but didn't like it as much.)

1. To start, cut ribbon in half. Hang the pieces around your neck (leaving plenty of room behind to tie a bow), and decide where you want the pearl beads to start.

2. Double up your thread on the needle and tie a knot at the end. Poke your needle through both ribbons at the point you decided on in step one.

3. Place a pearl on your thread.

4. As in the following pictures, place the thread through one of the ribbons, just above the pearl.

5. Allow the ribbon you went through, to fall over the pearl.

6. Add another pearl.

7. Repeat the process with the other ribbon.

8. Repeat process, alternating ribbons after each bead. Continue until your beads are centered on your ribbon.

9. Tie a knot close to the ribbon and cut the excess.

10. Tie the ribbon ends into a bow.

Clear as mud? I hope not.


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  2. Hi,

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    Melissa in Sacramento, CA

  3. Very clear and concise directions! I am going to try this with my Mia Maids very soon!

  4. I love this! :D I can't wait to try it. :D

    Umm, quick question what's the height of the ribbon? 3/8? And what size beads did you use? Thanks!!! :)

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