Boredom Busters--Creativity is the Cure to Boredom

I don't believe in boredom. I'm not sure my kids even know the meaning of the word, to be honest. I'm obviously not a perfect mother (my own mother is the only one of those...), but I believe in allowing children to be children.

Creativity is the cure to boredom.

1. Have plenty of craft items and creative toys available and in reach.(Currently, we are loving Tinkertoys and Electronic Snap Circuits.)
2. Demonstrate your own creativity, and avoid making negative comments about your creations.
3. Limit TV and computer time. At first, children will probably respond with many extra exclamations of boredom, but then they'll fill their time with better ventures.
4. Read often. Read to yourself. Read to your kids. Leave interesting books and magazines lying around. Read about Great People doing Great Things.
5. Organize your home in a way that allows children to explore. Get dangerous items out of the way and let 'em loose. I fully believe in letting my children bang on the piano. That's how they start to learn, isn't it?
6. Praise your children's work. Hang it up. Show their grandparents. Point out their strengths.
7. Do projects with them. They'll be much more excited if they can do it with you.
8. Say yes. When they want to make clay, try to say yes. When they want to go for a nature walk, try to say yes...or at least, I would love to go once the dishes are done.

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  1. GREAT ideas! We go in cycles and right now is a too much screen time cycle. You've inspired me!!! Enforcing screen time limits is on it's way (they're gonna groan, but it'll be worth it!)