Book Review: The Shakeress by Kimberley Heuston Book Review

Review by Me (I could really use some reader reviews!!!)
We've all heard that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I still do sometimes. I mean, I dive into some review books the moment I receive them. Others (I admit) sit on the shelf for quite some time. I'm afraid The Shakeress is one of the latter. Little did I know, it would be such a treat when I finally got around to it.

The Shakeress takes place in the early 1800's during a spiritual revival. Naomi's parents have recently passed away, and she feels the burden of caring for her siblings. Naomi decides to move in with a Shaker community that will take care of them.

Naomi helps with gardening and doctoring. She enjoys her work in the community, but, as she grows up, she feels the urge to move on.

She finds a position as a doctor, leaving her family and community behind.

What makes this book so great, are the characters. Readers will relate to Naomi, and in so doing, will look inside themselves for answers to life's great questions.

The Shakeress is an interesting glimpse into life during this historical period, and particularly into the lives of the Shakers and early Mormons.

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  1. Yea! My library has this book --I can't wait to read it --thank you! :)