Daddy Wisdom

Bubs and his friends were proud of themselves. You see-there's this empty lot they love to play in. The boys all got loads (and I mean loads) of mud and caked it on the For Sale sign to prevent any buyers from seeing the info and building on the lot.

I hated to crash the party, but I said, "We can't mess up other people's property," and Bubs (being the tender heart that he is) realized he was in the wrong, and started crying. But then, he made the right choice. He put his snow gear back on and trudged outside to clean off the mud.

Daddy and I were proud of him.

"Everyone makes mistakes," Daddy said. "It's not what you do, it's what you do about it."

And while I pondered Daddy's profound statement, he put on his snow gear and trudged out to help.

I love those guys. I really do.

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