Etched Glass Angel Jar Tutorial

Here's a twist on the traditional angel jar. I made it for an angel friend for Christmas.

Step 1: Draw an angel outline onto Contact Paper and cut it out.

Step 2: Peel the paper off the Contact Paper and place it on your jar/vase. (My vase is from IKEA, which is a CHEAP place to get jars and vases in basic shapes.)

Step 3: Wearing protective wear, use a paintrush to brush a glass etching substance all over. Use a generous amount, and brush in multiple directions. I used Armour Etch. (I think it had lost some of its potency from being old, though.)

Step 4: Follow the directions on your etcher. (For mine, you just rinse it off in the sink! Easy as pie.)

(This project could, of course, be done with any shape. I think I'm going to make one with hearts on it for V-day.)

Let me know if you try this!
Happy Cold January. (At least, I'm trying to make it Happy.)
See ya.

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