A Long Line of Love Lyrics and "Being a Mother Through and Through"

Bought a beautiful diamond ring

I offered it to the sweetest thing I know

And she said she would take it.

We started making some wedding plans

She looked at me and she took my hand and said

Do you think we can make it?

I said my granddad's still in love with my grandma

I said my dad still thinks my mom's the sweetest thing he ever saw

You see I come from a long line of love

When the times get hard, we don't give up

Forever is in my heart and in my blood

You see I come from a long line of love.

The years went by and we had a son

Now he thinks he has found someone for him

And they're planning a wedding

He called me up on the phone today

Just to see what I had to say to him

Did I think he was ready?

I said what his grandfather used to say to me

It's been handed down for ages

It runs in our family.

Son, you come from a long line of love

When the times get hard, you won't give up

Forever is in uour heart and in your blood.

Son, You Come From A Long Line of Love

Yes you Come From A Long Line of Love.

For the most part, I'm not a huge fan of classic country...unless, My Bebe and I are in the mood to play hicks. This song, A Long Line of Love, is one I remember singing countless times in the car with my dad.

I've been thinking lately about the chain of love I come from. My mom's birthday was last week. She is truly an angel on earth. Even as a teen, I used to say that if we didn't need her, she'd be taken straight to heaven. I called her on her birthday and told her what a wonderful mother she is. After blowing off the compliments, she began complimenting her own mother.

They are the kind of mothers that keep mothering long after their children are out of the home. They are always there. My mom called her mom "a mother through and through".

This is the line of love I come from. I feel so blessed. I feel like mothering is what I was made for. I love it and find my fullfillment in it. I owe this to my mother and the long line of love before her.

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