Nature Walk with Baby

The other day, the two older kids went to play with friends, and I found myself with only the baby. My first instinct was to catch up around the house. Thankfully, Y-Y had bigger and better plans for me. Without other kids to watch, Y looked to me for entertainment...

So, I took him on a nature walk. What kind of nature 'walk' can a baby go on, you ask? I mean, he obviously can't actually 'walk'.

We went out and explored our yard. I held him up to a tree and said, "Touch," and he did.
I helped him reach out to a sunflower.
I sat in the grass with him.
We felt the autumn wind. We listened to a dog barking. We talked. He does talk, you his own way.
We talked about our world. The nature right outside the door.


  1. I wholly agree that it was a nature walk. The time spent with the baby is worth it all.

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