Making Apple Juice

On Saturday, we went back to the apple orchard for harvesting and pressing apple cider. Work doesn't get more fun than this! First, we picked apples. Bubs preferred climbing the trees and plucking apples one at a time.
The rest of us shook the apples out of the trees and placed them in buckets.

Carrying the buckets to the press was apparently a 4-kid job.

This orchard was heaven. I loved this horse tire swing.

After the apples were hosed off, they were dropped down the chute into a chopper that cut them up into small pieces...peel, seeds, and all.

Then, the pieces were dumped into a press and the juice was squeezed out. So yummy! We came home with several gallons of fresh, unsweetened (but amazingly sweet) cider.


  1. Wow!!! And you didn't have to do any of the work to go from apples to juice?! I've got to look for an orchard that offers this!!

  2. they look really happy picking apples, it really lights up there little faces