When a Beloved Pet Dies

The kids have been in mourning since our little garter snake died. Half of me wants to laugh (we only had it a couple days, afterall), but then I see the genuine sadness in their eyes, and I can't.

The day Little Garter died, we had a funeral. Bubs helped dig the hole. When Daddy suggested we place a heavy rock on the grave, Bubs sobbed and sobbed. If felt too final. Daddy explained that the rock would be there to protect Little Garter and mark the gravesite.

Bubs consented. On the rock, he wrote, "I love you" and drew a heart.

I thought one night of mourning would be enough for a snake, but the kids have been out there many times since...sitting by the grave, placing flowers, telling stories, and crying.
Kids have such tender little hearts, don't they?


  1. How sweet! Good for you for helping them to learn to mourn when it's time to mourn! This will prepare them for harder separations in the future.

    P.S. Had to chuckle over the poor little guy's name. :)

  2. Great idea for a blog! I've just discovered you and thought I'd leave a comment since you LOVE them.

  3. Aww your children are sweet. Yeah, it's hard to lose a pet. I guess it's harder on children when they're quite little.

    Terrified of snakes so um not quite relating to that loss, but losing pets is very sad.