Family Work

I've been thinking a lot about Family Work ever since I read the following article.

One part of the article that particularly stuck out to me talks about doing mundane chores together. It says...

"Ironically, it is the very things commonly disliked about family work that offer the greatest possibilities for nurturing close relationships and forging family ties. Some people dislike family work because, they say, it is mindless. Yet chores that can be done with a minimum of concentration leave our minds free to focus on one another as we work together. We can talk, sing, or tell stories as we work. Working side by side tends to dissolve feelings of hierarchy, making it easier for children to discuss topics of concern with their parents. Unlike play, which usually requires mental concentration as well as physical involvement, family work invites intimate conversation between parent and child."

I love this paragraph. It gives purpose to the chores that we must do over and over again. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, bathrooms, cooking, etc. As long as we have to spend so much time doing these things, isn't it great that there can be a loftier goal behind them?

How many times have I decided to do the kids' chores because it is easier than nagging them about it? What a great idea to do all the jobs together, instead of splitting up chores.

Thinking back, I have so many great memories of cooking, folding clothes, and doing dishes with loved ones.

Have you noticed how much kids LOVE to help until you wreck it by demanding they do something? (Hmmm. Inspire, not require?)

What do you think about the concepts in Family Work? In what ways have you found working together valuable?


  1. I read that article for a class and completely agreed with its ideas. I find that doing chores together with my husband (my daughter is still too young) is far better than doing them alone. Especially dishes or folding laundry. Each of these activities give us some time together to chat about the day or other things on our minds.

  2. Thanks for the great food for thought. As my girls enter a new stage and are capable of doing more, I have been asking for more from them. Getting them going gets me going and working together brings an amazing spirit into our home.

  3. This is the same concept that I discovered and posted about on my blog a few months back. I determined to do better and have done only marginally better. Thanks for the reminder!

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  4. Thnaks for linking to a great article!