Escaping Out of Doors

God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars. ~Martin Luther

I am told that when I was just old enough to talk, I would climb up to the windowsill and beg to go, "ow-side. ow-side." I have watched my babies beg for the same. Y-Y loves to be out. Daily, I pace the front yard trying to keep him contented. When I turn toward the front door, he tenses up and fusses until I turn away again.

Where does this longing originate?

When my sister was only a toddler, she saw a picture of a beautiful meadow with deer and sky as far as you could see. Barely able to speak, she said, "That's where Jesus lives."

Could it be that babies remember Heaven a bit more than we do? That they long to be in a place that reminds them of the peace they came from?

As an adult, isn't it still easier to feel closer to our Maker while appreciating the beauties of nature?

What a pleasure it is to watch my own little ones as they explore "ow-side" and glimpse the Heaven from whence they came.


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