Happy Birthday, Sweet Bubs!

Dear Bubs,

I'm grateful you came into our family first. You are wise beyond your years. You love to learn and devour information like you devour treats.
Even more than I appreciate your love of learning, I treasure your love of giving. Last fall, we went hiking with Grammy and Pappy. When Grammy asked if Pappy was warm enough, he answered that his hands were a bit cold. You, without a moment's hesitation, grabbed for your gloves to hand them to Pappy.
I love this story, because it is you in a nutshell. You are the first to give. You love to make everyone's beds. You love to make cards and just-because gifts for people. You love to make people happy. You see the needs of others and put them before your own.
You are becoming a great reader. Daddy and I giggle as we hear you reading street signs, boxes...everything you see. Welly can't wait to read as well as you.
I am honored to be a part of your learning process...but that is only part of why I am homeschooling you. I want to have you around as much as possible. I love having you home. You brighten up the place with your enormous smile.
I love you more than green mint-n-chip ice cream.
Love, Mama

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