Happy 8 years, My Love.

{Picture taken by the Bubsers.}

Let's pretend for a moment that The Husband-Man, aka My Bebe, aka My Robby, aka The Love of my Forever actually looks at my blog, OK? (Side note: If I should die, could someone please point him to it? I think he might actually read it then...and only then.)

My Dear Love,

Eight years have flown by, and yet, they haven't. I can't remember or imagine life without you by my side. You complete me. Yes, it is cliche, but YES, it is true. I am a happier person with you. That's why I kneel next to you when you are sitting in the office chair. I want to be near you always. I need to be near you.

Love Forever


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  1. Hi,
    I'm kind of new around here, my name is Husband-Man. I probably won't be coming back much, since this post made me tear up like a little baby. I mean, just look at that fish! So beautiful, and caught in fast water on a big dry fly! It just makes me so emotional!
    Actually, I've been reading a lot of the stuff on here, and I can't believe what I've been missing. This is an amazing record of our lives, and I wanted to thank you for putting it together. It does make me tear up though, so I have to be careful not to ruin my ultra-tough, manly image. I love you so much!