Fanny by Holly Hobbie

Rarely has any picture book been so loved in my house as this one.

Fanny by Holly Hobbie is about a crafty little girl who desperately wants a Connie doll. After all, everyone has them. Fanny's mom, however, is not such a big fan of the dolls. I can relate.

Basically, if you're the kind of mom who would prefer your daughter play with a homemade doll as opposed to a Bratz doll, you'll probably find a kindred spirit in this little pink picture book.

But back to the story...Fanny is upset that she can't have a Connie, but then she takes matters into her own hands and sews her own Connie. When the doll is done, she decides it doesn't look like a Connie after all. Thus, Annabell is created.

Fanny's friends aren't so keen on her little creation, and for a bit, Fanny isn't sure she loves her funny-looking doll, either. At night, Fanny starts to wonder if Annabell is lonely or afraid. She pulls her out of the drawer and snuggles her, feeling how soft and cuddly she is. From then on, they are inseparable.

We read and reread this book over and over until there was only one option left. We had to make our own little Annabell...

and she is getting lots and lots of love.

But even if you can't sew a stitch, the book comes with a paper doll Annabell, which has also been enjoyed around here.

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