Next time someone says they're bored...

Read a book together. Come up with a menu. Shop for the ingredients and cook together. Hike a trail. Picnic outdoors. Plant something in a pot. Play Capture the Flag. Play Red Rover. Have a water balloon fight. Play Hide and Seek. Play Tag. Play Red Light, Green Light. Make a hopscotch with masking tape or chalk. Go Geocaching ( a gps) Bring butcher paper and art supplies outside. Bake something for a neighbor. Visit someone who is lonely. Visit a museum. Go to the park. Make play-dough. Make a kite and fly it. Say something you're grateful for, for every letter in the alphabet. Make cards for someone to show you care. Paint. Go for a nature walk. Make homemade ice cream in a bag or cans. Make instruments and have a parade. Have a pet parade with the neighborhood kids. Pop some popcorn, and watch a movie outside on a projector screen or laptop. Skip rocks in a lake. Play in a stream. Run in the sprinklers. Have a paper airplane contest. Have an egg dropping contest. Build a fort. Don’t forget the twinkle lights! Gather items from nature and make something out of them. Play “If you love me, Baby, smile.” Tell a story together. One person makes up a line, then the next person makes up a line, etc. Do a “Grateful Shower”. Everyone rains compliments on each other. Go to a friend’s house and weed. Make up a skit. Play charades. Make smores in the kitchen. Make sugar cookies. Bring sketchbooks and a blanket and sit under your favorite shade tree. Make smoothies. Make Fruit Loop or noodle jewelry. Spread shaving cream on a smooth surface and draw in it. Pour uncooked rice on a cookie sheet and draw in it. Take turns guessing what is being drawn. Make bubbles. Fill drinking glasses with various amounts of water and play a tune (gently) with spoons. Make mini popsicles with juice in an ice tray. You can use toothpicks for sticks. Make a zoo for toy animals. Take turns touring the zoo and being the zookeeper. Print a picture on heavy paper and turn it into a puzzle. Wash windows. It’s fun when one person is on each side of the glass. Use a bathroom scale to weigh things around the house. Have a picnic in the living room. Hide treats and play “hotter/colder”. Play Simon Says. Make fruit/snack kebabs. Make apple prints. Cut apples across horizontally so you can see the star shape. Think of an animal. Everyone asks questions until they figure out the animal. Make a portable flannel board. Attach felt to the top of a box. Cut flannel scraps into various shapes. Use your little board to tell stories. Go cloud gazing. Find shapes. Draw what you see. Make paper bag puppets and have a puppet show. Make a painting with berries. Have a family dance. Make a slip-n-slide with a long piece of plastic or garbage bags. Call a grandparent. Build a bug habitat. Build a fairy palace. Find a walking stick and shave one end into a point. Make hand shapes on the wall in a dark room with a flashlight. Make up your own game of pictionary. Play dress-up with mom and dad’s old clothes. Have a fashion show. Measure things around the house. Make a video. Take turns making up jokes. Make a nest. Make a family flag, song, or motto. Have a water fight. Find all the letters of the alphabet. Make notes that say, “Someone cares about you”, and go to the mall to hand them out. Plant a flower. Play “Mucky Goo Monster”. Like tag, but the monster can only get you when you are touching the carpet. Have a sock fight. Make sock puppets. Make masks. Write a letter. Hug.


  1. Well said! I don't believe in boredom.

  2. I love this. It will help with the summer bingo cards I am making for my kids this week.

    But what is the "mucky goo monster" game?

  3. Girl, I know I already told you this, but I love this post. I am seriously going to turn to this post all summer long. I was already inspired by something you said on Thursday. Callie LOVED playing with the play dough with me, and never got frustrated once. When I tried to get her to do it on her own she didn't really want to do it. Thanks for all of your great ideas and inspiration.

  4. Thanks, guys!
    I posted about Mucky Goo Monster a while ago. You can see it here:
    It's essentially tag, but you can only get tagged if you are touching the carpet. We throw out a bunch of pillows on the carpet and jump around from pillows to couches and chairs. The mucky goo monster is it until he tags someone touching the carpet. The monsters usually growl a lot, too. :)