The Winds of Change

We've decided to homeschool. Most of you probably already know that. You know what, though? I haven't gotten the responses that I thought I'd get since I started telling people. I expected most everyone to look at me like I'm psycho...and, they do...but not for the reasons I thought they would.

I believe the winds of change are blowing on the way people perceive homeschool.

I thought they'd picture the weirdos that make up the unsocialized homeschool stereotype. Instead, everyone I have told has had a positive reaction...except for ONE thing.

Here's how the conversation goes...

Friend: What school track is Bubs going to be on next year?

Me: (Blushing) Actually, we've decided to homeschool.

Friend: Oh, I could never do that. You must be Superwoman.

Well, guess what? I'm not.

I probably won't be the best homeschool teacher the world has ever known, but I'll try. And I'll love being with my babies in the process.

I probably won't have a clean house all the time (I already don't). We are very much into art projects around here, and let-me-tell-ya, we make a mess sometimes.

I probably won't always love the decisions I've made. I'm sure there will be nights that I'll break down to the husband-man...nights that I'll feel overwhelmed with insecurities and stresses.

BUT, I have to do it. I want to do it. I CAN'T WAIT to do it.

I have prayed about it. It's right for us.

We have come up with this vision for our family. Our stay-at-home family. And we are working HARD to make it a reality.


  1. I made that same decision 5 years ago and stressed and worried and prayed. Guess what!?! It is work, it is messy, it is delightful, and it is do-able!! You'll love your decision and the Lord will help and bless you. We heart homeschool!!

  2. I'm leaning heavily toward homeschooling as well (when the time comes). I can't wait to read all about your home school adventures!

  3. It's awesome that you're getting such a positive response for homeschooling. I'm in England (Europe, not New England), and homeschooling is beginning to take off now. It's something, when I'm married and hopefully have children I wish to do it. I admire all those who do, in any adversity they encounter.

  4. You will not regret your decision.

    May the Lord richly bless and edify your family through your homeschooling endeavors.

    Blessings and warmest of regards,
    Diane and Robert at

  5. The comments about homeschooling have certainly changed over the years. I remember the days when socialization and pajamas were key questions when I told people I'd been homeschooled. Now people wistfully reflect, "I just don't have the (energy, patience, intelligence, fill-in-the-blank) for it."

    Nope, nowadays everybody wishes they could--and is convinced they can't because they think it takes superpowers. (Of course, meeting my mom doesn't do so much to allay the "superwoman" impression of homeschooling mothers :-P)

  6. Isn't it the truth? I have had that exact same conversation many times. Me superwoman? Are you kidding me? With as much as I yell at my kids? There is no way I could be accused of that. It doesn't require super-human strength to teach my kids. I think it is actually a lot less of a hassle than taking them to school and dealing with a teacher and homework. Please.