A Lovely Mother's Day

I intended to write up something spectacular for Mother's Day because there probably isn't any subject I feel more passionately about than motherhood.But, in wanting to write something profound, I felt intimidated and didn't write anything.
Maybe it's just a way to rationalize laziness, but I decided my whole blog is a tribute to motherhood. At least I hope it is.
I LOVE being a mother. And, speaking of mothers, my own mama is quite incredible.

I'm so thankful to be a mom to my babies. I love being a woman. It is all I ever really wanted to be.

And I'm thankful for the other women in my life who have helped me embrace motherhood through their glowing examples. You know who you are. Well, some of you probably don't. Some of you probably don't know how much you buoy the women around you and lighten their loads.
With a smile.
With a hug.
With a story.
To Mothers and Women Who Care: I love you. You may never know how much you do.

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  1. :) You aren't being lazy. You've said it well with words and pretty flowers.