Mucky Goo Monster

The husband-man, let me tell you, he knows some pretty crazy games. First he taught us 'Sock the Rabbit' where you all try to nail each other with folded socks. I thought that was wild.

But lately the kids are always begging for one of his other wild ones...'Mucky goo monster'. It's like 'Hot lava'. You know that game, right? You can't touch the carpet. Only difference? On the carpet, there's a crazy-freaky-growly monster trying to eat you. If he touches you while you are touching the carpet, you're it. Try it. It's wild!


  1. That was always my favorite.

  2. Too funny, what a fun guy and what fun games!

  3. you have such an awesome blog em!! mine is dying!! i am soooooo tired! :)