Accidental Swearing

Do your kids accidentally swear? Seriously. My kids love to rhyme words...Ham-bam-wham-zam-dam-n.

It's when they're rhyming words like duck or sit that I start to cringe.

It's not just when they play the rhyming game either.

The other day, Bubs was dancing around for like FIFTEEN minutes saying "shoot shoot shoot shake" (only NOT shoot, ya know?) OVER and OVER again. It's all the husband-man and I can do to keep from laughing.

And when we do laugh and they ask what's so funny? We say it's a grown-up secret.

Now the Bubs can't wait to grow up and find out what the speck-beck-heck is so funny.


  1. I don't have kids, but a cute little 20 month-old we know says the f word on a regular basis. He thinks he's saying "truck." It's pretty funny when you hear it in the middle of Sacrament (though, I'm sure it's not for his mom!)

  2. I think any toddler mom can relate!!! I was laughing so hard reading this post...we have had many similar and embarrassing experiences:)

  3. Hilarious, Em! My kids haven't gotten into the whole rhyming thing yet, I guess, thankfully. Their "swear words" are not by accident, unfortunately. (poopy, stupid, etc)... you probably remember how I wasn't allowed to say those words growing up, right?? I had a hard time even spelling them!! :)

    I'm still wanting to erase them!!! But I'm going to be strong and just leave them so that you know which "swear words" my kids use. :)

  4. Yep. Stupid is definitely a bad word around here. I don't think I've ever said it. B-U-T-T, too. I said that once and I still feel guilty. :) My kids always come home and say, "so and so was saying bad words". Then I found out the said dumb or something.