Craft Love

I obviously haven't been crafting a whole lot since Why-Why was born, but I did make a scarf and hairclips this week for a little girl's birthday.

Have you used knifty knitters? I LOVE these things. You can make a hat or scarf or blanket or whatever in an evening while watching a movie. The white scarf I made was so quick. Basically, I went back and forth between two basic stitches I learned on Youtube. I didn't want to count rows, so I didn't. I just switched stitches whenever I felt like it. Then at the end, I added a fringe. I think I learned that from Youtube, too.

The clips are as simple as they look. I cut out felt hearts and hot glued them to buttons and hair clips. Honestly, they took less than five minutes.

It was nice to use some creative skills again!

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