One Voice, Please: Favorite Read-Aloud Stories by Sam McBratney

McBratney, Sam. 2008. One Voice, Please: Favorite Read-Aloud Stories.

Review by Becky Laney, frequent contributor.
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One Voice, Please is a delightful gathering of stories--some familiar, some not-so-much--perfect for reading aloud to children of all ages. Family-friendly reading, if you will, that while kid-friendly is not unappealing to adults. Most stories are two to three pages, and could easily be read in a few minutes. This is a good thing. Perfect reading to fill in those gaps during the day when you don't quite have enough time to get settled into a longer book--like a novel or even a traditional picture book.

Originally published in Great Britain in 2005, the collection has recently been published in the U.S. With over fifty stories, there is sure to be something that is just right for your mood. The book would be a great edition to the classroom as well. My personal favorite was "Many Littles Make A Lot."


  1. Which ages do you think it's best for? This would be perfect for the classroom, when I finish a novel. I like to take a little break before I jump into the next one.

  2. I can see it working with a wide variety of ages really. It's certainly appropriate for elementary school. But many would work for an older group as well.