Papua New Guinea, Notes from a Spinning Planet by Melody Carlson

Review by Laura

This book is for older teens/adults
Christian focus throughout

Maddie Chase travels with her Aunt Sid to Papua New Guinea to write a story about the changes that have taken place on this beautiful island since it become independent. She and her Aunt quickly realize they may have gotten themselves in deeper than they thought as they learn about the growing AIDS epidemic and high crime rate, especially in crimes against women/girls.

It deals with the growing AIDS crisis, and how it is not just the ‘bad girls/boys’ who get it. Maddie and her Aunt learn that women here, as in many other countries, are devalued. They are faced with cultural issues/prejudice against women who have been raped. They learn that many parts of the world judge Americans on our TV and think that all Americans are just as they are portrayed on TV (lacking Christian values/upbringing).

As they discover the beauty of the land and people they must also discover the hidden secret of the country, AIDS. Together they find that even in the darkness there is hope, and that sometimes God can use the worst life can throw at us to overcome our own fears, and strengthen our faith.

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  1. I'm putting this on my TBR list! My friend are going to PNG this summer as missionaries...