Spitfire by Kate Messner

SPITFIRE by Kate Messner
Review by Emily of Whimsy Books and Whimsy Daisy

Spitfire has great voice, two great voices actually.

Abigail, who is nearly 13, disguises herself as a boy to fight against the British in 1776. She never was a very good girl, so she set out to see if she would make a better boy. Abigail joined the battle at Lake Champlain in an attempt to find her uncle, her only remaining relative.

During her adventures, she finds friendship in Pascal.

We follow these two young fighters through their battles on the ship, the Spitfire.

The book is well-written and the characters are enjoyable. Spitfire, the name of the book, is also a fitting description for the characters who fight for their country and to prove themselves in a tough world.

Spitfire is a quick, easy read. Excellent for young people learning about history. The way the story is told, it is easy for the reader to put themselves into the battle scenes and imagine life as a young soldier on the Spitfire.

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