Good News!


I have some exciting news. I went to LTUE at BYU last weekend. Oh, that wasn't the exciting part. Here it is...I have new signed books lined up for giveaways! YAY!

And, I talked Jessica Day George of Dragon Slipppers and Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow fame, into doing an interview. As soon as I brave up, I'll email some questions off to her. I can't wait for her answers. She was a riot in a bottle on Saturday.

In other words, expect a giveaway (and hopefully an interview) next week! See you then.


PS. If you have any questions for Jessica, PLEASE leave them in the comments, and I'll throw them in (with credit to you). I'm not terribly confident about my interview-question-making skills. :)


  1. I've read both books and absolutely ADORE them. She's a wonderful storyteller. Anyone who has not read them yet, MUST!

  2. Here's a few questions -- what is she reading right now? What does she do when she's got writer's block? What's her favorite part of the creative process? Okay, maybe those are some easy ones, but they're the ones I want to know.

  3. We've enjoyed Dragon Slippers.

    Questions? I'll ask my daughter.
    She likes the book. She wants to read the sequel.

    No questions.
    But Jessica might like to know that my daughter loves authors' sites. Her favorite parts are deleted scenes and teasers from the books that are coming out. Could she add something like that to her site or give you a paragraph teaser during the interview?