Kaza Kingsley's Book Tour

Kaza Kingsley, author of the Erec Rex books, begins a Blog Book Tour today. As you can see, I will be hosting an interview with her on the 16th.

I have been reading the first book in the series, The Dragon's Eye, and I am very pleasantly surprised by how good it is.

Kirkus Reviews said of the book, "Erec finds himself competing for one of three nefarious schemes, a crew of sneering bullies, sumptous feasts, allies for Erec, a surprise villain and magic worked by everything from explosive 'nitrowisherine' to push-button remotes. Kingsley speeds her tale along to a climax involving an impulsive dragon...Closing with the news that the young hero still has 12 tasks to fulfill, this light but not insubstatial outing definitely belongs aboard the Potter wagon, but merits a seat toward the front."

I agree with this assessment. Potter fans will likely find another excellent series in Erec Rex. I recommend this series to anyone who loved Harry Potter and isn't sure what to read next. Although it is full of magic, the story is completely original and compelling. Enjoy.

Here is where Kaza (what a cool name, huh?) will be for the next couple weeks...
Day 1 – A Fort Made of Books - http://afortmadeofbooks.blogspot.com/2008/01/kaza-kingsley-interview.html
Day 7 – Stephanie’s Confessions of a Book-A-Holic, http://stephaniesbooks.blogspot.com/2008/01/kaza-kingsley-blog-tour-2008.html
Day 14 – Kaleb Nation’s Official Website - http://kalebnation.com/blog/2008/01/20/interview-with-kaza-kingsley/
Day 16 – Young Adults and Kids Books Central Blog, http://yabookscentral.blogspot.com/2008/01/blog-tour-kaza-kingsley.html

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