DRAGON SLIPPERS by Jessica Day George

Review by Emily of ...Whimsy...

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George is absolutely delightful.

The story begins with this great opening: “It was my aunt who decided to give me to the dragon. Not that she was evil, or didn’t care for me. It’s just that we were very poor, and she was, as we said in those parts, dumber than two turnips in a rain barrel.”

Creel’s aunt hopes Creel will come away from the dragon with a rich husband. Creel hopes to come away with gold from the dragon’s hoard. What she actually comes away with is something nobody expected…a pair of enchanted slippers.

When she escapes from the dragon’s lair, she can’t return home, so she makes the long journey to the King’s Seat in search of a job as a dressmaker. Of course, things don’t often turn out the way we expect. Many obstacles arise, but in the midst of her struggles, she finds love, courage, friendship, and the strength to pursue her dreams.

As you can probably tell, I highly recommend this novel. It is an original fairy tale full of dragons, princes, adventures, and laughs. Nothing pleases me more than a good fairy tale.


  1. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog, and I LOVE it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Okay, I seriously have got to read this book. I'm beginning to feel as if I'm the only one who hasn't.

  3. I found "Dragon Slippers" to be one of the most delightful books that I had read in a long time! I have been recommending it to everyone that I know since I first read it last spring after it caught my eye in a Borders and read it with my younger sister. I have been previewing books for my younger siblings for years now and it was so nice to find one that I could share with them and with friends without having to caution them about this or that. Just a good, wholesome, whimsical read...with dragons as a bonus! I am really, really looking forward to "Dragon Flight" next month. I don't suppose you could hand out a few hints early, you unbelievably lucky person. My sister would thank you even more than I.

    Caesia J.