The Cybils

Listen Up! The Cybils are here! What are the Cybils, you ask? The Cybils are the only blogger-based literary awards.

Nominations in eight categories open up today. Categories include:
Fantasy/Science Fiction
Fiction Picture Books
Graphic Novels
Middle Grade Fiction
Non-Fiction: Middle Grade and Young Adult
Non-Fiction Picture Books
Young Adult Fiction

Nominations have already been trickling in this morning. Guess who can nominate books for these awards? YOU. ME. ANYONE who cares about books. You do care, don't you?

Nominate some books per category please. And do me a personal favor. Nominate a good nonfiction picture book because that's the bunch I'll be working with. I am terribly excited to get my hands on these books and find some treasures in the piles. JUST CLICK HERE, follow the directions, and nominate away.


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