Straight Up by Lisa Samson

Straight Up is the story of Georgia Bishop, a musician who is wasting her life and talent by drowning herself in alcohol. Both of her parents are dead, and she is separated from her husband. In an attempt to help Georgia reclaim her life, Georgia’s uncle Geoffrey convinces her to move to Lexington, Kentucky, where she can be closer to him and have a fresh start.

Fairly, Georgia’s cousin, is simultaneously living an empty life. Although she is not a drunk, she spends all her time working, and she is involved in a meaningless relationship. Like her cousin, Fairly is bitter because those she loved the most are dead, and she no longer believes that God cares about what happens in her life.

Geoffrey convinces Fairly to visit Lexington as well, and emotions run high. When a life-altering event occurs, Fairly and Georgia are forced to recognize how empty their lives have become. Will it be too late to change?

If you enjoy contemporary Christian fiction, I believe you will enjoy this book. Lisa Samson does an excellent job developing real characters who struggle with the difficult circumstances in their lives. Mrs. Samson forces the characters to deal with the consequences of their actions; not everything is smooth and rosy. I especially appreciated the way Mrs. Samson highlighted the impact that we all have on the lives of others. We are not isolated. When we do not use our talents, and when we refuse to live as God desires us to live, we damage ourselves, and we alter the lives of others. Unfortunately, the people we hurt the most are the ones we love.

This book is for adults.
Review by Lauren

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