Read any great clean books lately?

Hi Friends,

Don't worry, we'll have a new review up today, but right now I'm writing to solicit your help. I'm low on Clean Read reviews. Have you read any great books lately that you want to share? If so, I'd really appreciate if you'd write up a review and email it to me. Don't forget to check out the requirements in the sidebar. The only truly important requirements for a Deliciously Clean Reads review, though, is that the books reviewed are free of sex, profanity, and explicit violence. Thanks!


  1. My historical novel BLUE is deliciously clean! Would love to have you review it!

    And I'd welcome an interview as well.

    Love your mission!

  2. I've really been enjoying your reviews! Here are a few books I've read recently that might interest you: Undercover by Beth Kephart (BEST teen book I've read in ages!), Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature by Robin Brande (really great message about faith & science), Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (there are some references to sex, but no explicit scenes). I reviewed all of these on my blog so feel free to check it out. Cheers!