The Master's Reliquary by Jim Dameron

The Master's Reliquary - Book 1 The Man of Signs, by Jim Dameron.

This is an engaging and sometimes exciting story about a Christian monk, Brother Brude, who is part of a group of missionaries sent from Dalriada (5th century Ireland) to bring the Good News of Christ to the Picts of Cruithne (ancient Scotland). The central figure is a Pict foundling originally from Cruithne who carries a chest (reliquary) that includes among other things, their copy of scriptures. A master carpenter, Jesus, made the chest. Brother Brude is there to act also as their interpreter.
The story has action, danger, faith, and a surprise climax. The end leaves room for a follow-on book. I don’t know much about the history of the area, but the author seems to have researched it well.
I liked it so well, I gave the author a page to sell it from:

Review by Allan Kalar, guest reviewer.

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