Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini

Bri Stone is living her dream life. She has a wonderful husband, a great son, a loyal best friend, and a fun job working as a coastal tour guide in Ventura, California. To make her life even sweeter, she lives on the beach, only steps away from the ocean she loves. Unfortunately, Bri begins to worry that her life is not as idyllic as she believed it to be. She fears that she is losing her close relationship with her husband, she begins to have problems at work, and she experiences new difficulties in the already rocky relationship with her mother-in-law. Can Bri pull herself together to fix the problems in her life?

Chocolate Beach is a great, fun read (I would classify this book as Christian Chick Lit). While I am not the laid back beach type, I could sympathize with Bri's struggles. Throughout the novel, Bri's problems with friends, family members and co-workers stem from a lack of communication; I think most people can relate to that! Julie Carobini's style of writing is as easy-going and enjoyable as a day at the beach. If you are looking for something light but meaningful to read this summer, be sure to pick up a copy of this book.

This book is appropriate for adults.

Posted by Lauren, regular contributor

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