Girl Overboard by Aimee Ferris

Ferris, Aimee. 2007. Girl Overboard.

Girl Overboard is part of the S.A.S.S. series (Students Across The Seven Seas). I haven't read (and reviewed) all of the titles in the series, but this isn't my first one to come across. I know I read one last fall--maybe two. I enjoy this series very much actually. While a few readers/reviewers might see them as little more than silly fluff for the masses, I'm always one to give any book a try. And most of them while having a bit of romance to "lighten" them up also deal with some slightly heavier themes as well. For example, The Sound of Munich features a young girl, Siena, who uses her semester abroad to try to find out more about her family history. She's on a quest to learn more about her father, and in the process she finds out more about herself. So it was definitely a book with substance.

Girl Overboard is the story of Marina Grey. She is a seventeen year old girl trying to figure out what is most important to her in her life: her education/career OR her boyfriend. It seems she'll have to make a big decision between the two soon. You see her boyfriend wants her to stay at home with him and attend a junior college. But Marina has always dreamed of being a marine biologist--and dreamed of going to Hawaii for her college education. And when the book opens, Marina is genuinely torn between the two. She loves her boyfriend, even if some of the sparks have died down and they're no longer "in love" with one another. But marine biology is her passion. Could she really give up one or the other with no regrets? The book follows her and her peers--both girls and guys--as they set sail on one big adventure. By the end of the book, the decision will have been made...with no regrets. What will Marina choose?

For fans of romance, Girl Overboard has plenty to please.

Review by Becky Laney, our star reviewer :)
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  1. Thank you for this blog -- I appreciate your purpose and I will be back often.

  2. Welcome Tristi! And thanks!

  3. It's a very cute book. I hope readers of all ages will be moved to action after reading it - either looking into marine research, or supporting ocean-related programs, something along those lines.