Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson

Heather "Hezzy" Curridge is like so many women today. She has it all and yet still feels unfulfilled and wants to have and do more. She and her husband are raising a teenaged son who is sometimes a target for the bullies, which reminds her of her own mistakes in this arena from her school years. In this novel by Lisa Samson, we follow her journey as a church dropout to try to find a way to better know and serve God and God's people. We also follow the journey of a married couple who might be drifting apart. We follow the journey into Heather's past, and her bold steps towards helping to create a new future for her and her family.

Lisa Samson has a wonderful insight into people. Through Heather, she analyzes a woman's guilt at overeating, overachieving, and overspending. She examines women's friendships--some genuine and some superficial, as well as the obstacles that we create that hinder finding new friends or going deeper with the ones that we have. Characters are described, but then as they act, they leap off the page at you.

One thing that I love about her novels are that they are so diverse. Each novel features a rainbow of characters who have different skin colors, different ages, different ways of worshiping God, different gifts and different personalities, indirectly challenging us to look at the people in our lives, or the people who aren't in our lives.

Quaker Summer is a novel that you will enjoy as each chapter introduces a new character, a new story, or a new issue that Heather is wrestling. The book also contains a reader's guide, so the topic, along with the provided questions would make it an excellent book club choice.

Reviewed by regular contributor Jennifer.

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