How to be a Contributor for Clean Reads


Anyone can submit a review to me by email at emykate03(AT)yahoo(DOT)com (Please change the AT and DOT to symbols). Just copy the review into the body of the email with the title and author in the subject line.

Reviews should describe what the book is basically about and share the reviewer's feelings about the book. You may cross-post any reviews you write at your own site, if you would like. At Clean Reads, your review will appear with your byline and a link to your personal blog/website if you have one and would like a link.

If you contribute reviews regularly, your reviewer status will be noted. Along with your name, I will write that you are a regular contributor. I will also include short bios about frequent contributors in the sidebar. Please fill out the questionnaire at the end of this post if you will be contributing at least one review per month.


All reviewed books at Clean Reads must be free of swearing and sex (including thinking or talking about sex in an explicit manner.) I know that profanity is a bit subjective. A book may qualify as a Clean Read if it has five or less "strong words found in the Bible" (i.e. da**, he**, and a**). Any curse words besides these "strong words found in the Bible" automatically disqualify the book for Clean Read status. If you are not sure if a word is considered profanity, please email me. I do not consider names of body parts profanity. Just make sure they are NOT used in an explicit sexual manner.

Clean Reads may contain magic, fantasy, romance, kissing, adventure, mystery, suspense, science fiction, religion, serious issues, etc.

Please use wise judgement with topics such as drug use, alcohol, racism, violence or dark subject matter. If you'd feel uncomfortable recommending a book to a very prudish grandma, it probably doesn't belong on Clean Reads!

Essentially, if books were rated as movies, we'd only accept reviews of G and PG books (and yes, even some PGs have more swearing/innuendos than we allow here at Clean Reads). If you aren't sure if a book is Clean Read material, you can email me at any time and note any passages in question that may render the book inappropriate for our site.

Clean Reads may be from any genre of novel-length fiction. Please include a recommended age group after your review. (i.e. Recommended Readers: 12 and up)

Clean Reads will accept reviews of Christian books as well as books about other religions. However, I do not want Clean Reads to become exclusive to any particular religion, so I will try to space these books out among other genres.

I understand that some people are opposed to fantasy. We respect that. Please feel free to find recommendations by clicking Realistic Fiction in the sidebar.

For the most part, reviews will be posted in the order in which I receive them. I may on occasion move a review forward if I feel there is a reason to do so.


We would love interviews with writers who tend to write clean books. Anyone can do these interviews as well. Email them to me. Again, they can be cross-posted.

If you have any other ideas for the site, please let me know.


If you would like to be a regular contributor, please fill out the following questionnaire and email it to me:

1. How often will you contribute reviews?

2. How many novels do you read in an average month?

3. What genres do you usually read?

4. Will you contribute author interviews?

5. Do you have a blog/website that you would like us to link to with your reviews/interviews?

6. If you will email me a minimum of one review each month, please write a short bio for me to include in the sidebar.

Thank you!


  1. Let me know (email me) if you ever want to run any of my booklists/interviews/reviews. You know I heart clean reads!

  2. Congrats on putting this together. Looks great!