Just David by Eleanor H. Porter Book Review

 Just David by Eleanor H. Porter

   From the author who wrote Pollyanna, another beautiful classic. I absolutely loved Just David! 
   Ten year old David has never known his last name or his father's name. As far back as he can remember, he has lived on the mountain in the house with his father and spent his days enjoying nature. So when his father takes him down the mountain on a journey, gives him money, and dies in a stranger's barn in the middle of the night, David is left in the care of the people of the strange town where his father died. He is taken in by Mr. and Mrs. Holly, who are hardworking, no-nonsense people.
   The whole town is astounded with the boy- the boy who doesn't know at all what money or death or hard work is, who knows Latin and French, who can identify every plant and animal in the forest, who is the best violinist they have ever heard, and plays what the world looks like to him. 
   His unheard-of ways, his talent, his determination and ability to see good in every single thing when a normal person could see none, and the mystery behind who his father is, makes him a misfit with the boys his age in the village. Despite all this, with time, his music and his kind heart touch the hardened hearts of the town. 
   I read The Good and the Beautiful version, which is completely clean, but I'm sure the normal version is as well. I thought it would be boring but it was a sweet story and super engaging. Anyone can read it, but it is probably geared toward ten or eleven year olds. Five stars from me! 

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