An Unexpected Role by Leslea Wahl Review + Giveaway

An Unexpected Role by Leslea Wahl

Josie, a clumsy teen and theater nerd, has an abundance of mortifying moments. These moments are unfortunately incorporated into her mother's novels, which are then published for all of her school to see.

Embarrassed and needing to escape, she leaves home to visit her aunt on Coral Island and resolves to spend a perfect summer on the beach where no one she knows can find her. She spends day after day on the beach, becomes best friends with her elderly neighbor, and gets a boyfriend. Everything is going perfectly- until Ryan shows up.

Josie is convinced he is going to ruin her summer. Ryan is a boy from school who seems to follow her everywhere and is annoyingly certain that her boyfriend has something to do with the robberies that are plaguing Coral Island.

As the mystery continues to unfold, tragedy strikes, and Josie must decide if she believes in God, who she stands behind, and who she is.

I loved this book! It was fantastic. Josie was a great character and it was fun to see where the story took her.

Also, we are doing a GIVEAWAY of this book! On the 27th of September, we will put up a post titled "An Unexpected Role Giveaway". If you comment any book you would like us to review on that post, you are automatically entered into the giveaway. The comment section will be closed on the 4th of October and the winner will be announced on the 5th.

One more thing! We are going to be posting a lot more now. If you could email us requests to review a book you like, or if you are an author hoping to get more publicity for your book, that'd be great. Thanks!


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  1. Glad to see you are back! I think you were one of my first blogs way back in the day.
    I'm in a bit of a book slump right now. And this book sounds good.