The Wrinkled Crown by Anne Nesbet

    In the wrinkled hills, Linny will do anything to pluck the beautiful strings of the ukulele-like instrument called a lourka, even ignore the threat of being taken to Away. In her village, girls under the age of twelve cannot touch the instrument without putting themselves at risk.

    But then her best friend Sayra, who's never touched a lourka in her life, is taken to Away for Linny's crime. Linny knows the only hope for Sayra is the Plain, where an ancient battle is just beginning. It also seems someone is trying to destroy the wrinkled hills. Can Linny help both Sayra in Away and save her beloved hills and stop the battle?

   I loved this book! It's very unique and interesting. I'd recommend it for 10+.



  1. Love that cover! Thanks for the review...would this be a good book for boys, too, do you think? My son is 10 and I'm always on the look-out for clean, exciting reads for him!