Field Trips, Part 1.

Robby likes to joke that we can't buy a house that isn't near any museums. That's not actually far from the truth. We love our field trips. Here is a list of some we have enjoyed...

1. Visit a fire station. Call ahead for a tour.
2. Police station. Watch out...they might lock you up.
3. California Pizza Kitchen. Ask about tours and making personal pizzas.
4. Museums. Obviously. We are near several Universities, all of which have museums.
5. Local Grocery store. We have one nearby that does tours through the store, into the storerooms, and through the refrigerators. Then, they give everyone soft serve! It's a big hit.
6. Sub Zero Ice Cream. This one is coming up. They freeze your ice cream in front of you with liquid nitrogen. Makes a great science lesson! And the fresh ice cream, Oh My. So Yummy.
7. Beautiful places in nature. Ours usually include Daddy and water with fish in it.
8. Plays.
9. Library events.
10. Pumpkin Patches/Corn Mazes in fall
11. Farms.
12. Factories.
13. Churches.
14. Historical Sites.
15. Pick-Your-Own produce places. This is an all-time favorite for us!
16. Tumbling gyms.
17. Model Train show.
18. The zoo.
19. The aquarium.
20. Train rides.
21. Skiiing
22. Roller Skating.
23. Ice Skating.
24. Nickel Arcade.
25. Space center.
26. Small airports.
27. Aviaries.
28. Mines.
29. Printing Presses.
30. Newspapers.
31. TV stations.
32. Planetariums.
33. State capital.
34. Bakeries.
35. Fish hatcheries.
36. Candy factory.
37. Gardens.
38. Hospitals.
39. Water parks.
40. Ice castles.
41. Christmas light displays.
42. Water treatment facility.
43. Caves.
44. Nature trails.
45. State parks.
46. Deseret Industries or other thrift stores/donation centers.
47. Soup kitchens.
48. Local fairs and carnivals.
49. Post Office.
50. IMAX movies.
51. Dollar movies.
52. The Symphony.
53. Choir shows.
54. Disneyland.
55. Farmers Market.
56. Nursing homes.
57. Colleges.
58. Animal festivals. We have a llama fest, sheep shearing festival, dairy festival...
59. Waterfalls.
60. Trails.
61. Banks.
62. Ethnic restaurants.
63. Nursery.
64. Dams.

All, right. There are a couple here we haven't done yet.

Here's a picture of our latest...

Disneyland. Looks exciting, huh?

Tomorrow, I'll share tips for planning field trips for large groups...which I've done a LOT. See you then.

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