One Talented Family

Tonight for Family Night, we had a family talent show. So fun! It was (of course) Robby's idea. He's the fun parent (as shown in the picture above.)  :)  Here's how it all went down...

Opening Song-Y's current favorite, Once There was a Snowman
Family Business
Bubs handed out programs for The Family Talent Extraordinaire, and it went like this...

1. Welly-Read a Bob Book.

2. Y-Y-Sang an Abady (which means song in Y-Y)

3. Daddy-Professed himself to be the best fly-fisherman in the world, and then performed a rap number.

4. Me-Wiggled my ears to the tune of Jingle Bells. Yes. I really did.

5. Bubs-Drew a picture of a farm on an easel he made from Tinkertoys.


The best part? It's all on video...but don't expect to ever see it. As Robby said, we can't show anyone because they'd feel bad that they weren't as talented as us.

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  1. That is such a fun idea! We'll have to try that:)