Happy Father's Day.

(Picture of My Robby as a brand new daddy. 2003.)

For obvious reasons, I talk a lot more about motherhood than fatherhood. Truth is, they go hand in hand. Literally and figuratively. My Robby is an angel in my life. He is just right for me. Much more right than I knew when I said I'd marry him. I didn't know, but the Lord did.

And now I realize that he is also just right for our kids.

For Father's Day, I took him out for sushi (per his request). We had a wonderful night. Giddy as two teenagers feeling love for the first time...yet so much more too, you know? I'm grateful that he still reaches for my hand when we are walking together. I'm grateful that he can still take my breath away with an adoring look.

I'm grateful that he is the father of my children.

He is My Forever Love. A rock in my life.


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