TJEd Forum Conference Notes: Love of Learning

Shauna Dunn (one of my new favorite people) from That Amazing Dunn Family spoke on Saturday about how she encourages a love of learning in her home. She had so many amazing ideas. I don't know how she does half of them!

-Once per week, she meets with her husband for a SPICESS meeting. They talk about the spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, skills, and social well-being of each of their 5 kids. Twice a year, they go on a SPICESS retreat, where they discuss how they are doing in each category and go out to a spicy restaurant.

-She wakes up each child with individual read-aloud.

-Once per week, each child gets a Daddy Day in the morning. It may be running an errand or doing something simple, but it's alone time with Dad.

-Scripture Snack- Everyone gathers for family scripture snack and a treat before bed. (It's the only treat of the day, so if they miss scripture snack, they don't get one.)

-Decide what you want your family culture to be and work toward it intentionally.

-On the day of each child's birthday every month, they get a birthday date with either mom or dad or both.

-Family Clappings: When someone does something good, they get to stand on the counter and everyone claps for them.

-You are the expert in you own home.

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